Dear Robert,
Thank you so much for finishing off the fence. In this day and age where many contractors dont keep their word, keep one hanging on, or never finish a job you have restored my faith! I really appreciate all you have done and I will recommend you. Thanks Again.
  Sue and Al, Victoria


At Ambis Contracting & Landscaping we are committed to ensuring that the whole building process is as friendly and stress free as possible.

We believe that communication is the key; we encourage questions and will provide answers that make sense.

The whole building process, from the first concept to completion of a project, is a dynamic one - it is constantly changing and evolving.

Ambis Contracting & Landscaping can help you achieve the reality of your design dreams through custom workmanship and attention to the smallest detail. We aim to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations through quality service and our desire to excel at our profession.